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Demilmar Weddings Restaurants Perissa Santorini

Demilmar Weddings Restaurants Perissa Santorini
Demilmar Beach Restauran Bar

Bride & Groom to be
Congratulations, you’re now starting to plan one of the biggest days of your life.
Our Santorini wedding specialists are skilled and experienced in succesfully organising all kinds of Santorini weddings, large and small, traditional and modern, religious and secular, common and extravagant, modest and luxurious.
Our knowledge has envolved from listening to and meeting the many requirements of couples who have put their entire trust in Demilmar to organise the most important day of their life.
Here at Demilmar we opt for the individual and personal touch.
It is YOUR wedding day, and YOUR choice to combine everything YOU want into a bespoke wedding day that meets your exclusive requirements.
By offering a wide range of wedding planning, advice, organisation and co-ordination services it means that we offer a flexible service tailored to your exact requirements.
We wish for you to enjoy your Wedding in Santorini and cherish that memorable experience forever.
Demilmar Beach Restauran Bar
Periisa Beach Santorini Greece 84700
Telephone: +30 22860 85070
Fax: +30 22860 85070
Website: http://www.demilmar.com/
E-mail: info@demilmar.com ...

Periisa Beach Santorini
Periisa Beach Santorini 29 ΚΥΚΛΑΔΕΣ
108 ΘΗΡΑ


Τηλέφωνο: 2286085070
Κινητό τηλέφωνο:

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